Saturday, October 10, 2009

Multitasking to the extreme

What do you do when you are home from work with the flu? I found that I cannot even be sick without multitasking. Not to be sexist or anything, but I really think this is a woman thing! We get so used to doing 14 things at once that we can’t allow ourselves just to lay on the couch and veg. So as crappy as I felt there I was sipping cases of ginger ale (the only thing I would consume for three days) sorting through the thousands of photo’s stored on my cool max.

A few months ago I was complaining to sweetie about how slow my laptop was running and he said I had far too many photos stored on it. And being the sweetie that he is he bought me a portable storage device for them, hence the Cool Max. Not really believing him...I still transferred thousands of pictures (without taking the time to do a good sort) off my laptop. When I deleted the files from my laptop, there were over 13,000. I guess he was right because the thing is running like new!

In the masses of pictures I came across this one... I called it Killer Lily.  It looks almost menacing doesn't it?  Or is that a fever induced paranoia?

This spiny little sucker is a Sea Holly. I love taking pictures of it but I hate weeding around it. It is incredibly unfriendly. Just a brush against it produces blood. And I hate blood.   One day I will tell the story of how I stepped backwards onto a bamboo spike in my garden, and how my sister had to come and rescue me before I bled to death all over my bathroom floor. 

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