Saturday, October 17, 2009

West Coast Day

We awoke to a truly west coast kind of morning. We have rain, followed by fog, followed by more rain. The kind of day that urges you to stay in your pj’s, read a book, blog, watch TV, drink copious amounts of tea and generally be non productive. This is how I find myself at 5:08 in the evening, still in my pajamas. Sweetie too, until a few minutes ago. The only thing that got him dressed today was the idea of Chinese food for dinner; he had to go pick it up!

So here I sit watching TV and taking pictures out of the row of windows that surround our living room. ~ who needs art on the walls when this is what you see.   What was I saying earlier about multitasking???  While I snapped pictures we watched a very interesting documentary on Sally Mann, one of the foremost American photographers of our time.  Her work is controversial and astounding to say the least. Her earlier work which focused on her children contained many nudes which some people found to be pornographic. It’s a sad world where pictures of children can be viewed in such a way. She then turned her sights to landscapes, so eerily beautiful, they have to be seen as explanations just don't cut it.   Her last show focused on death and decay  and it came about after the death of her beloved pet and her inability to let go, something I can relate to. It was touted "Mann's new work, which is collected in a five part project called What Remains, is a gritty meditation on the mechanics and aesthetics of mortality."  A truly inspiring and brave woman we can all aspire to be so honest and open our eyes to even the most taboo of subjects.

To see some of her art check this out:

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