Saturday, October 24, 2009

sea of leaves

So, this is what I should be doing today. Everyone knows it so much easier to remove leaves when they are dry, and as this is the first non rainy day off I have had in quite a while.... I should be raking leaves. But am I? Well, no. What am I doing? There’s a little laundry (going around in the background), some floor cleaning, nothing deep mind you, just a swiffer here and there. Oh, yes, and some glass cleaning, the stove top, the microwave door.. you know.. The places that the finger prints just love to pile up.

I’m also waiting for Gladys, so I have to sort through my tea stash and see what we will have today...
We had arranged to spend the day together (no small feat!), to play in our on line picture adventures; see what kind of mischief we can get up to there. I wanted to show her a flickr photo stream (like I’m an expert, pshaw!) and how much fun it is to manipulate your photos.

Oh! There goes the washer signal (don’t you just love that feature)

I took these pictures last night, right after work. I was somewhat disheartened by the masses of leaves at first, until I realized what a great photo opportunity they were. That led to the other pictures following... I can’t seem to just take a couple. Is this a disease?

Again, here I go with the over exposed photo.  I loved how this leaf was just laying there, placement perfect, on a bed of grass.

This is one of my favorite ornamental grasses.  Spring, summer, fall and winter, it always looks so interesting.  I know its a Japanese grass, but cannot remember it's name.  I will ask Gladys, she might know.

Sweeties favorite Japanese Maple is completely bald already, except for this one little leaf.  I call that hanging on for dear life!

I think what I will do is go rent a leaf blower..... Yes! that's it.  Maybe later..

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