Sunday, October 4, 2009

things that make me smile

I just noticed the wall art in my home is almost all the same size and definitely the same shape. Even the few photos that I have matted and framed. Why is it I gravitate toward small rectangular shapes? Is it because they are replicas of the rows of windows that surround my living room?  Do I feel secure in repetition?  There must be some online survey I can take to tell me all about my personality based upon the shape that I feel most comfortable with :)  And yes, two seconds on google and I found one!  Try this out for fun.

The thing that drew me to the fat chickens was their shoes. Not all chickens have such nice shoes! I also have another piece by this same artist of robins wearing shoes, sitting on a telephone wire. It's too cute.

The dragonflies are a plaster/paint technique that I was very intrigued by. The artist's are Mohammed Asgari  and Tella Sametz from Sechelt, BC. The photo does not do their work justice! Check out this link for more of their art.

Here's my fat chickens at home in the kitchen.  Notice the row of windows? :)
In keeping with the chicken theme (? I really had no idea) here is my clay chicken.  I found an unglazed terracotta chicken at a local garden center and covered it with chalkboard paint.  I was trying to duplicate a  sheep I saw in Chintz and Co but was far too thrifty (cheap) to buy!  I like my chicken better :)  But I still Love Chintz.  Check it out!
Here's a link for some chalkboard paint ideas too.

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