Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sigh, new sheets and romance novels

Is it wrong to want to go to bed at 9:18 on a Saturday night just because you have new sheets and the latest release (Book 2) in Nora Roberts’ quartet? The sheets are freshly laundered Egyptian Cotton... 800 Thread Count !!! Surely that counts for something!

It was supposed to be a day of Christmas shopping for family and friends, and yes I did accomplish some of the goals I set forth this morning ... I just couldn’t pass up a few deals for myself, namely the new sheets. And some beautiful art paper for Christmas cards, a snowflake punch and two new books. I LOVE new books. I LOVE old books. I just LOVE books. Well, actually, it’s three new books.

The first new book I found was “SAY YOU’RE ONE OF THEM” by Uwem Akpan. A collection of short stories of children in Africa.  I am not certain what to expect. I imagine I will be shocked, heartbroken and enlightened at the same time and very very grateful for my own life.

The second book I bought could not be more different than the first.  Nora Roberts, the undisputed Queen of Romance, has released her second book in the Bride Quartet called “BED of ROSES.

I don’t believe there is a Nora Roberts book published that I haven’t read. I will totally admit to loving romance novels. And serial killer novels, and gruesome forensic anthropology novels, really the only thing I don’t read is science fiction. Never did get a handle on that genre.

My third new book, wait for it.... blogging for Dummies.  Yes, I finally broke down and bought a book about blogging.  I just couldn't help myself.  I need to know more.  And, well.... it's a book!

While I'm on a book tangent I have to mention that Pat Conroy, author extraordinaire has published a new novel.   I was feeling a little greedy today so thought it best to wait to purchase this one.    South of Broad will soon grace my bookshelf, beside two of my most favorite novels: The Prince of Tides and Beach Music

So, what to do?   Kill some more time, pretending that I am doing "something useful" until a respectable hour?  10:30 isn't so lame a bed time?  Is it?

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