Wednesday, May 27, 2009

snippets and snapettes

There were many many special moments in the 6 dazzling days I spent in New York City. Thank goodness for a digital camera that captured them and therefore remembered for me! I was just telling Gladys that I wished I had kept a journal on my last trip to Hawaii, I could have recreated the entire week in my blog. But alas, I was just not that disciplined! Next time, I vow to do better.

On our first day in New York City our tour bus guide explained to us the reason that  the buildings had such unique shapes. Somewhere along the way (my memory isn't that good) it was noticed that the skyscrapers were blocking so much sunlight that large parts of the city were being bathed in darkness. We definitely noticed that some streets never saw the sun. So the Sunlight conservatory was born. This stipulated that the architects of the city had to step back certain areas of the building so that the sunlight could reach the street. Without this regulation, the city would be a much different place, and the buildings would not be so unique!

Triplets! There were three of these buildings in a row. The bus put us too close to them to get all three in the picture. While the tour guide expounded on the rent and how the window styles denoted whether or not the building was rent controlled...I wasn’t paying that much attention... I was busted trying to zoom into the interiors. Not peeping, just interested in the way people live in the city.

Would you expect to see a mosque in Harlem? I certainly didn’t, but here it is.

We did a very quick tour of the Met, yes, sad, I know.... To be honest the tour only happened because we were looking for an amazing spot to have a glass of wine and view the city and someone along the way suggested the roof top of the met. WOW . What an incredible structure awaited us. And the view was breathtaking.

This is the M&M’s billboard in Times Square. You can see by the street light in the corner of the picture just how large this is! The kaleidoscope of color they display is simply gorgeous.

Linda and I had the good fortune to run into a scalper who sold us tickets to West Side Story. Of all the musicals playing in New York, to me this one is the quintessential New York story. Yes, the seats were in the nosebleed section, but we still had a great view of the stage and the sound was also perfect. Next trip (I am so going back) I would like to spend some real cash for front row seats to whatever is the hottest play of the day.

Directly across the street from our favorite skechers store was this McDonalds.  Where else but New York City would you see a sign like this.   We heard there was one uptown that had a baby grand piano in the lobby. :)

One of the many purse rack in Macy's.  There are no words....

The elephant topiary at Tavern on the green was gigantic. We so enjoyed our stop there.

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