Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lanterns in the trees

There were so many of these lovely cloth lanterns hanging from the trees at Tavern on the Green , they deserve to be singled out!     It was  sweltering hot   and we were taking cover under the thousands of trees (yes ~ thousands) in the park. The ladies and I just had to stop in for a ice cold drink and some luscious New York fries... served in a silver cup no less. One of the most enjoyable treats of our trip. Somewhere in my vast array of pictures is one of our very cute waiter, alway a bonus!

This is the picture I will use for for my desktop at work (the lanterns ~ not the beer).  Every time I see it I smile and remember the sun on my face, ice cold beer, hot crispy fries and best of all the laughter of good friends. Maybe I should have the beer picture after all....
Isn't that the most wonderful thing about pictures from a holiday or special event ~ they take you right back!
Next vacation my sweetie and I are driving down the Oregon / California coast to San Francisco.
I wonder how many pictures I will take there :)

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