Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day two, New York City

It took me the entire day yesterday to get here so for me this is really day one in The City that never sleeps. Our day began with Linda getting up at the crack of dawn (even though we went to bed minutes before the crack appeared) running across the street and getting us coffee, tea and of course bagels for breakfast. What a woman!

We headed directly to Times Square to pickup our hop-on hop-off bus and New York City passes thanks to a great tip given to us by a friend from work. Once Gladys got through interviewing (and I say this with only the most love and respect) the multi-national fellows who sell the passes, we got on our first open top double decker bus and were off!  http://www.allnewyorktours.com/city-tours/hop-on-hop-off-tours

We had agreed to ride the entire tour, listen to the history and info spiel of the guide and then decide where we wanted to hop off on the next round. We didn’t make it very far when we hopped off because some store or other caught our eyes. It took most of the day but we managed to hop back on and finish the tour. Wow, this is some city. We all bought pashmina’s from a street vendor to ward off the chill of the upper deck of the bus. And we learned to duck really fast... the buses just sail under the trees and street lights. Amazing.
Battery Park

Along the way we all madly snapped pictures. This particular building is just one of the structures that makes New York an architectural wonder.

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