Friday, May 22, 2009

May 21 ~ Favorite day so far

I have been waiting for this since I got here. Today we got up early (what’s new Gladys would say) and took the bus down to Pier 17. We walked along FDR drive to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. The weather was remarkable for our foray across state lines. The bridge itself is even more magnificent up close and everybody who told us we couldn’t come to New York and NOT walk the bridge was so right.

The amount of people going into and out of Manhattan Island via the bridge is surprising and the rigid division between pedestrian and bike lane startling. God help you if you step into the bike lane!

Looking back at Manhattan Island from the bridge was a real kick.  Look at those skyscapers!

Here I am with my foot in the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time.  I'm a Pacific ocean gal!

From the park at the base of the bridge on the Brooklyn side of the Hudson river, the view of the city is spectacular.  It's too bad Linda decided to go back to the city on the bus.  Gladys and I are crazy enough to want to walk back!  It must be at least 95 degrees today. Whew!  Starbucks, here we come for iced coffee.

Just look at this tower of strength. 
What a feat of engineering.

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