Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New York City, Day three

Day three has us running for the first bus to leave 8th street for the uptown loop. More amazing architecture! Where else can you see a beach house on top of a 50 story building and a stone castle in the reflection of a mirror glass skyscraper? Only in New York.

We passed the United Nations Headquarters. Our guide informed us that each of the current attending countries have their flag flying, in alphabetical order from left to right. I guess the house was full today.

Today we ditched the pashmina's, it's really heating up here in the city.  We could not have asked for better weather.  It's very apparent that this is a city to see on your feet (and yes, part ways on your butt on the bus) but the walking we have done is unbelievable.  I even bought a new pair of skechers, as did Gladys and Linda. We love our new skechers!
We have managed to walk, talk and eat for about 14 hours a day and we still aren't sick of each other!  The people we meet are friendly and so very helpful.  I wonder if there are any true New Yorker's left? The stories of rude, abrupt impatient people seem like urban myths.  And I even gave someone on the street directions today. Imagine that!

Tonight we found a spectacular restaurant.  Sangria 46.  Spanish. Tapas. Sangria. Need I say more?
Too much fun was had by all and yes, we will feel it tomorrow!  Thanks to Roy our fellow patron for opening our eyes to more adventurous foods.  They were really grapes... weren't they ?

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