Sunday, July 11, 2010

day trip ~ from Oliver to Kelowna

On our way to Kelowna we stopped in Penticton  to take a quick dip in the lake ( I dipped, Sweetie baked).  It was amazing and everything I remembered from family vacations so long ago!  The strange orange chunky sand brought back so many memories (and it was stuck everywhere for the rest of the day!)

My lovely pedicure... Sigh

Another quick stop in Peachland this time.  What a lovely little community this is.  There are people from every age group represented at this beach. 
We finally got to Kelowna, not the city that I remembered.  It has grown substantially, and it is beautiful.

The walkway on the waterfront here is amazing.
A series of little lagoons, even a loch connect these lovely circular waterways.
The trees really help to control the heat.  Is it ever Hot here!

These sculptures are wonderful.
Parasailing anyone?  just call 250-300-sail  :)
The yacht club no less.
On our way back to Oliver the river running alongside highway 97 heading south to Penticton was full of people. They were hanging out on inner tubes, rafts, you name it, if it floated it was here. What a great way to beat the heat.

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Catherine said...

Gosh ~ don't you look like you are having just the most wonderful trip ~ lovely!

Thanks for taking us along via your lovely photos!
xo Catherine