Friday, July 9, 2010

See ya Later Ranch

Holly hocks growing outside the beautifully restored 1900 hand split stone building that houses the tasting room and wine shop for  See Ya Later Ranch.   Just 5 kilometers off the highway at Okanagan Falls, this is definitely my favorite winery of the area.  

Sweetie fell in love there too, with this gorgeous little car.
These people are growing on some of the most rugged land we have seen yet.  Much of the growing site is farmed by hand as machinery just isn't feasible.
This beautiful old building was across the road from the ranch driveway. We had to go back so I could take a few pictures of it.
One of the lovely ladies in the tasting room told us to venture just a few more miles past the winery and promised we would be awed by the two stunning little "salt" lakes ahead.  She was right!
Sweetie was a little anxious when I got out to take pictures, he says this is the perfect place for a rattle snake to be sunning itself. YIKES.

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