Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keremeos here we come

As we zip along highway 3 through Cawston on our way to Keremeos we pass this rugged little building.  I wonder just what is keeping it together?
And if we didn't have enough fruit to satisfy our needs in Oliver, what we find in Keremeos is even more.
Just starting to ripen, the apricots look so good.
Local blueberries, yummy.
And maybe because they are around for so short a time, cherries are my all time favorite.
I admired the jalopies parked in the orchard beside the Parson's fruit stand.  My Dad just loves this place.
This one I am calling "One man's treasures".  This is what my family inheritance looks like!
If it wasn't 5 million degrees in the shade today we would have had a picnic here!

And another gate I loved.

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