Monday, July 12, 2010

Heading North to Kamloops

We've decided to take the Sea to Sky Highway back to the coast, not right away mind you, this is just too much fun to end too quickly. But what this means is we once again head north.  Back to Keremeos, over to Hedley, up through Princeton, on to Allison Lake, then through Aspen Grove.  We sort of by-pass Merritt because we suddenly have a hankering to see Kamloops. 
Our brief stop in Hedley gave us some fantastic photo ops. This store was a feast for the eyes in a sort of colorless background.
I really tried hard to get a telephoto of the minesite in the side hill.  I tend to take blurry photos with that much magnification (note to self... bring tripod). This one wasn't so bad.
Fascinating little store here in Hedley.  I think these are pumps?  Not sure, but loved them lined up in a row like painted ladies.
A lovely little garden beside the tourist information site welcomes everyone to Hedley.
On the road again.... this is somewhere on Highway 3 North.  Pretty!
We went off road (not really) for a quick stop at Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park.  Beautiful lake with the most interesting rocks....
This little guy sort of skittered away when I approached the waters edge.
LOVE those aspen trees. I just can't seem to stop taking pictures of them.  This has been the longest day of driving yet!  I am tired!

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