Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whistler, just as beautiful as you can imagine

It has been 25 years since I visited Whistler, it is nothing like my memories and everything like my memories.  I know that probably doesn't make sense but it's changed so much physically its unrecognizable.  The thing that remained for me was the feeling it evoked.  I was there for New Years Eve 1985.  There was lots of snow on the ground, people partying all over the place, it was magical!  So, fast forward (Oh my god... how fast!) to 2010, July no less, gorgeous sunny day, hot hot hot...  people all over the place, just magical.
We walked the loop through the village, tons of stores featuring gorgeous wares, a Starbucks on each end and probably a couple in the middle we missed!
I wonder what this is like in the dead of winter?  Does it freeze over completely?  I imagine a skating pond... how pretty.
I really love the architecture here, everything seems to belong.
The sun was glinting off the chair lift, drawing your eyes right to the top.  We had such a good winter watching the skiing that happened here.
This photo I took for my sister who is Moose crazy!  Isn't he a hoot.  And so very Canadian.

The most unlikely pet we saw on the entire trip.  This little goat garnered more attention from the kids than the exceptionally cute kiddie area below.

Love the little huts here, I would love to recreate them in my garden.

British Columbia, the Best Place on Earth.  Yes, I believe this to be True!

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