Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea to Sky, or in our case, Sky to Sea

We are almost home... that is almost back to the coast.  How I miss the ocean.  While I love to visit the interior of BC I know I could not live that far away from that big beautiful ocean.
Little sneak peaks of the Squamish River as we sail along Highway 99 south.
The famed Britannia Beach, home of the BC Museum of mining.
You know you are closer to the coast when you spot an arbutus tree.
We're getting closer to horseshoe bay.  Little do we know what kind of ferry wait is ahead.  I really recommend if you are headed for Vancouver Island, and really, why wouldn't you be...reserve a spot on the  ferry to save yourself the pain of waiting for two sailings. When will we learn?
Okay, this is just dazzling. I so love the ocean.
The last shot of the trip.  We are almost home.

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